Siquijor boasts a 102-kilometers long coastline that hosts several of the best beaches in the Philippines. Compared to other tourist destinations like Palawan, Bohol, or Cebu, Siquijor is less overcrowded. Hence, you can enjoy its turquoise waters and white sands with little to no distractions. 


Below are some of the best beaches Siquijor has to offer to its visitors:

1. Salagdoong Beach

Salagdoon is the perfect spot for water activities such as snorkeling and cliff diving. Its crystal clear waters are thriving with aquatic life. You can explore two beautiful coves in the area or stroll on its calm shores while unwinding. The beachfront also has fantastic restaurants that serve sumptuous seafood and cocktails. 

2. Tubod Beach

If you want to explore rare coral reefs and other marine creatures, go scuba diving or snorkeling at Tubod Marine Sanctuary in San Juan. You can also rent snorkeling gear and get scuba diving lessons from the nearby Coco Grove Resort. It’s a chill and quaint place where you can lie down and get a tan. 

3. Pontod Beach

Pontod is one of the hidden gems of the island province. It’s next to the more popular Paliton Beach, but not as crowded. It’s as beautiful as its neighboring beaches but quieter and best for people who don’t want any distractions. Its waters are also perfect for swimming, and it has an incredible sunset view. 

4. Candanay Beach 

Located on the northern part of the Island, Candana Sur has clear waters that every beach bum could enjoy. The shoreline also has picturesque palm trees. It also has a diving center where you can book a boat trip and explore the surrounding waters. 

5. Sabas Beach

If you want to do a bit of glamping after a busy day at the beach, then Sabas beach is your premier destination. The nearby resorts offer several camping activities you and your friends will enjoy. You can also enjoy the local cuisines in the nearby restaurants and bars. 


How to Have a Great Time While in Siquijor?

The best way to enjoy your visit to Siquijor is to set aside all your worries. Getting one of our tour packages will also remove some of the hassles of traveling, so you can focus more on relaxing. 


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