Siquijor is known for its gorgeous beaches and relaxed island vibes. However, it also has a rich culinary scene that offers unique flavors. We recommend getting a bite of the food on this list if you want to know more about its culture and tradition. 


Here are a few dishes and delicacies you must try while on the “Healing Island” of the Visayas. 

1. Sutukil

Sutukil refers to three common ways fish is prepared in the Visayas, namely sugba (grilled), tula (soup) and kilawin (ceviche). Restaurants offering this food let you decide how your seafood will be cooked from these three options, and you can even let them all do three simultaneously. 

2. Nilagpang 

Also referred to as Linagpang, this chicken or fish broth is famous in Western Visayas and has a refreshing flavor. It involves broiling, roasting, or char-grilling the protein before adding it to a soup with ginger, onions, tomatoes, peppers, scallions, and chilis. 

3. Law-Uy sa Baruto

This soup is usually made from several boiled fresh vegetables. It often has eggplant, ginger, okra, squash, string beans, lemon grass, and Moringa leaves. It’s a great side to sea foods and other meaty dishes. 

4. Saang sa Alat

Saang sa Alat is another popular seafood item on the island. It’s usually made by boiling spider conch shells in seawater. Some locals also eat it raw by dipping it in vinegar and chilis. 

5. Saluwaki

Saluwaki is the Cebuano term for sea urchins, and Siquijor’s beaches are teeming with them. You can eat them raw, similar to oysters or sushi. You can get them at local restaurants, where they usually add lemon juice or butter to enhance their uniquely creamy, salty, sweet, and umami taste. 

6. Binas-oy

Binas-oy is another staple dish on the island, which is made up of pig meat and innards such as liver and intestines. Similar to dinuguan, it also uses pig blood, which gives the soup a dark color. This dish is often served during fiestas and special occasions.

7. Pan Bisaya

These stuffed bread are the perfect snack or breakfast since you can pair them with hot chocolate or coffee. Torta or baked egg cupcakes are another must-try pastry in Siquijor. 


How to Get the Best Foods in Siquijor?

The island has many superb restaurants that excellent serve local dishes. If you want to immerse yourself in Siquijor cuisine, get one of our tour packages and let us take you on a gastronomical journey.


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