Siquijor is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in the Philippines. 

In 2020, it received 143,286 same-day visitors and 37,651 overnight visitor arrivals, according to the Department of Tourism. Those figures were taken during the height of the pandemic, and you can imagine how many more tourists will visit the island now that many restrictions have been lifted. Aside from visiting Siquijor’s gorgeous beaches, picturesque waterfalls, and other natural wonders, people also flock to the island because of its mystical side. 


The Booon of Mysticism to Siquijor

Siquijor is said to be a place covered in mystery. For decades, many have believed the island to be home to witches, sorcerers, and other strange creatures. However, the truth is Siquijor is just like any other small island in the country. Its people, called the Siquijodnon, are equally hospitable and friendly as any Filipino. It also has that laid-back atmosphere you would get in any rural area. Furthermore, the six towns that make up the island are also rapidly adapting many of the conveniences we see in our modern world– including Internet access. 


Siquijor, the Healing Island

While the island has embraced a modern lifestyle, its residents haven’t forgotten its healing culture. Instead of deterring people from going to the province, Siquijor has positively spun the misconceptions surrounding their island. 

During the Holy week, many healers, known as “mananambal,” gather at Mt. Bandilaan to bless their herbs and potions. Many travelers visit the event to witness their ritual and to be healed using the island’s unique healing practices. 

Siquijor is also known because of the Bolo-bolo ritual, a form of “white magic” that is said to cure illnesses and curses. An ancient healer usually performs this healing method by blowing into a glass filled with water and a mysterious black stone through a bamboo straw. 


How to Experience Siquijor’s Mystic Charms? 

Mysticism is part of the culture and appeal of Siquijor. Getting one of our tour packages will help you experience the island’s unique traditions without worrying about accommodation and transportation.


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