Apo Island may be a blip on the map, but when it comes to marine life, it’s a treasure trove that’ll leave you speechless. The island is also famous for its beautiful coral reefs, crystal-clear waters, and the hospitality of its locals.

This place should be on your bucket list if you are a diver. Here are some of the amazing marine creatures you can find in Apo Island’s waters:


1. Sea Turtles 

These gentle giants are one of the main attractions on Apo Island. You can see them swimming gracefully in the shallow waters or resting on the beach. They are like the celebrities of the sea and love the attention of humans.

2. Nudibranchs

Also known as sea slugs, these colorful creatures are a favorite among macro photographers. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. Their bright colors warn predators that they are toxic, making them one of the most exciting creatures to observe.

3. Clownfish 

These cute little fish, made famous by the movie “Finding Nemo,” are abundant in Apo Island. They live in symbiosis with anemones, which provide them protection from predators. 

4. Moray eels

These toothy creatures are often seen peeking out of crevices in the coral reef. They have a reputation for being aggressive but shy and will only attack if provoked. Watching a moray eel hunt is like watching a predator in action – it’s both thrilling and terrifying.

5. Manta Rays 

Manta rays are gentle giants and are a must-see on any visit to Apo Island. With wingspans that can reach up to 23 feet, they are one of the largest creatures in the ocean. 

6. Cuttlefish 

These intelligent creatures are masters of disguise, able to change the color and texture of their skin to blend in with their surroundings. They are like the chameleons of the sea, constantly adapting to their environment.


How to Go Diving on Apo Island

If you are excited to dive into the majestic waters of Apo Island, get one of our tour packages and enjoy a hassle-free vacation.  


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