Siquijor has been called many names since recorded history. The Spaniards called it “Isla del Fuego,” or the island of fire, because of the fiery glow from the fireflies that inhabit it. 

Siquijor has also been called the “healing island”  because of the folk healers and shamans who practice their craft to this day. The island province also has a Healing Festival, celebrated every holy week to show that their process is sacred and meant for good intentions. 

Folk Healing Traditions in Siquijor

Some people who are ill often go to Siquijor to try out their alternative healing methods. Aside from spiritual healing, Siquijor is also known for its unique herbal medicines and traditional massage. 


Bolo-bolo is believed to be a form of “white magic” meant to cure curses or natural illnesses. The healer performing the ritual uses a glass of water, a bamboo straw called bacagay, and a black stone. If a patient’s illness is profane, some practitioners decline to treat them and instead recommend that they see a doctor.

Herbal Healing

Siquijor also has herbal healers who brew traditional potions to alleviate the symptoms of various diseases. The potions are usually made from herbs, roots, insects, and tree bark from what the locals refer to as enchanted forests. 

Charms and Protections

Several establishments on the island also sell various kinds of charms and protections to ward off evil spirits and bad luck. These items often come as amulets, bracelets, crosses, and other trinkets. 

Healing Culture in Siquijor

Aside from traditional healing, the island also provides a different kind of healing– one that is focused on wellness and relaxation. The island has many things to offer tourists, from its pearl-white beaches to its historical sites, that will surely cure anyone’s weariness. 

The island also has a laid-back vibe that will help you find inner peace. As more people discover the many hidden wonders of the Siquijor, the name “healing island” may find new meaning, especially in our modern world. 

How to Best Enjoy Your Time on The Healing Island?

Knowing about the local practices, including their healing culture, will help you know about the culture and traditions of the Suiquijodnon, the island natives. 

Getting one of our tour packages will also help you appreciate the island’s life without worrying about where to get accommodation and transportation. 


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